Your Movers Did What! Well… Did You Get An Estimate?


New Voicemail:

“Kenneth, I met you a while ago at the Tanglewood Apartments when you were moving on of my neighbors and I just now found your card. I’ve been in the middle of packing and I ended up calling another moving company and they screwed me over extremely bad this morning! I’ve had it booked and when they got here they are now telling me they are not taking half my stuff because it wasn’t on the inventory? I’ve called their office several times to resolve this and its just a big mess and I’m in a real bad bind could you please give me a call back, Id greatly appreciate it. Thank you, bye!”

Hi Barbara, its Kenny I got your voicemail and its unfortunate you had that experience, fortunately you found my card! How can we help you?

Kenneth! Thanks for calling me back. We ended up telling the movers to leave, they were horrible I was so sad I misplaced your card. We loved how you handled our neighbors move and we would like to know if you are available this week to help us move?

Yeah let’s get you on the schedule!

Did you happen to get an estimate from the previous movers?

No, we did not.

Good thing we are familiar with the layout of your apartment so we kind of know what to expect. In the future I would recommend scheduling an in-home estimate. It gives you an opportunity to meet and get comfortable with your movers while they get a chance to get familiar with the space and collect a detailed inventory to better prepare for your move on moving day!

Thanks Ken you’re a life saver! I will take that advice for the future, we just thought moving was so straight forward!

There are so many components to completing a successful moving day. You are going to want to know how many men it will take to get you moved in a timely manner? Who will pack? You, or the movers. What size truck will we use? Can we complete the job with a 16’ truck or will we need 26 feet?

So, make sure you schedule a free no obligation in-home estimate before your move to ensure a stress free day! #MovingYouForward

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