How I Changed Everything So I Actually Work When I Work From Home

Don’t I look professional? Well, it wasn’t always that way. I recently left my corporate job to work on my small business, and let me just say, it has been quite the adjustment working from home.

I woke up on my first day of work and felt guilty when I wasn’t rushing around to get ready and run out the door to make the train. The first… Read more: 

As an entrepreneur you have so many task to handle throughout the day and the very last thing you want to do is plan a move. Moving can be so time consuming and your busy schedule has no time to spare!

Have you ever considered a moving coordinator? busy-woman-entrepreneur

A moving coordinator can save you time and in many cases find you the best deals to fit your budget. Having one in your corner can prove beneficial for someone as busy as yourself in many ways. While attacking your daily task your move can be handled without you lifting a finger …I mean unless you want to, I’m sure your delegation issues will kick in at some point .

Well what do moving coordinators do?

That answer may vary from company to company. Some coordinators only cater to pieces of your move like specialty items, organizing home staging’s and may be really good at managing estate sales others are more hands on coo rdinating your move from start to finish helping with everything from ordering moving boxes, packers, movers and often have knowledge of the best transportation systems for your local or long distance move. As an entrepreneur you want to have someone cater to your budget, time schedule and your need to have things done efficiently.

The First Step in Your 6 – 8 Week Moving Process Prior to Move Out is to Schedule a Consultation!

At a moving consultation a coordinator will discuss your needs around moving and perform a thorough walk through of your home taking inventory and pictures if necessary. After the inventory is recorded its time to discuss moving options and decide what services you will need from the date of consultation all the way to days after the move is complete.

Things to discuss:

  • What is your budget if any? Traditional moves are not the only way to go in todays world there are multiple options for moving from A to B finding the best fit for your budget should be a breeze
  • Where will you collect moving boxes from. Your coordinator may have access to free/used boxes or you may have to purchase boxes online. Keep in mind your local grocery or retail stores near your neighborhood. If you catch them early enough you can often get good sturdy and free boxes there.
  • Who will do the packing for the move and will it be a complete pack or partial pack.
  • What is your preferred mode of transporting your household goods. There are multiple options and its not a one size fits all scenario. You want to make sure you make an informed decision in this area to prevent wasted time or damaged goods.
  • What supplies will you need to safely load your truck to prevent furniture from scratches and dings during transport.
  • Will you need a full service move for your local in-town move or will you just need loading/unloading assistance for your hybrid move?
  • Will you need additional assistance after the move at the move out location?

Note: The more information your movers know the more accurate quote they can give and eliminates any surprises on moving day for you and the hired movers.



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