How Much Notice Should You Give Your Moving Company Before Moving Day!

After a few interactions with potential clients this week, the most frequently asked question was “how much notice should you give your moving company before moving day? Well truth is this answer varies per company. Some moving companies can handle last minute moves mainly because they are smaller and have more room to be flexible with their scheduling. As far as industry standards go most larger companies prefer a 3 to 4 week notice to ensure they have the room to get you on the calendar for your preferred move date.

Before you go into the mover selection process you are going to want to know just how you will move from A to B.

Consider 1 of these 3 moving options:

  1. Self-Move – This moving option if you’re not experienced could save you money but cost you valuable time ad usually require friends to sacrifice their Saturday helping you move… and what I say to that is Good luck!
  2. Hire a full-service company – This option saves you the time and hassle of trying to move everything all on your on and spares your friends Saturday but may hit you deep in the pockets by passing on high over head cost to you the consumer.
  3. Hybrid Moving System – This is typically the most cost-effective way to move. Where DIY movers and full service meet in the middle. You rent your moving truck from Budget and hire professional moving helpers to load you up. This method can cut the cost of moving almost in half!


Side note: If you are performing a move on your own or using the hybrid system be sure to reserve your rental trucks as soon as you get word of your move out date. Finding a truck last minute could be a big disappointment for weekends are usually the busiest days for moving so availability is scarce.

Capture budget truck comparison.PNG

Moving labor crews are always available to carry that heavy couch down four flights of stairs, or to show up and unload that gigantic moving truck you just drove across three states. As the unsung heroes of your big weekend, local moving labor crews near you will ensure a smooth moving experience!

Let’s find out what category works best for you?

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