Prepare Your Old Home for Moving Out in the Snow | Snow Days

Why not move during winter? It’s cheaper and an easier time to rent a moving truck or hire movers. When you are moving in the snow you need to be aware of possible moving issues so that you can avoid them before they occur. Here are my suggestions for moving during the winter.

1.       Clear snow. Make sure sidewalks, walkways, and driveways are free of snow. Use salt or sand to ensure areas are free of icy and slippery conditions. The parking area should also be cleared with ample room for movers to use dollies. Check the area first thing on moving day just in case it snowed overnight or that conditions changed.

2.      Protect inside space. Use large pieces of cardboard or plastic sheeting to ensure high traffic areas are protected from snow, sand, and water. If your floors can withstand heavy duty tape (test in a corner spot first), tape plastic sheets to the floor. Cardboard works best for carpeted areas as small tacks can be used to secure it to the floor. Experiment first before the movers arrive.

3.      Keep sand/salt and shovels on hand. It’s a good idea to stock up on winter supplies in case your vehicle or the moving truck becomes stuck, or it starts to snow. Throughout the move, you should be monitoring conditions and acting on any changes as needed.

4.      Have hot drinks on hand. Whether you’re doing your moving or hiring movers, make sure you have hot liquids available. Hot chocolate, tea, and coffee will be most welcomed by everyone who’s helping with your move. Extra mittens and hats are a good idea, too.

Remember to keep an eye on the weather. While this seems like common sense, on moving day, you’ll be so wrapped up in the move that you may forget that conditions might change. Check the weather well in advance of moving day, then follow it closely right up until the movers arrive. If there’s a possibility of inclement weather, keep the radio on during the move to ensure you’re receiving the latest updates.

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