Goals! How Many of us Have Them?

It’s a new year and it is time to see how you measured up to your 2018 goals. If you are super goal oriented you probably have a complete system dedicated to goal crushing and every “t” is crossed and “i” dotted. If you are not so goal oriented you may have had a few wins throughout the year but how did you measure them? Without goals your progress goes unnoticed, you may have a feel good moment but do you know how you got there. You have to measure what you want to accomplish.

As we take on 2019 lets set new goals to accomplish and determine where we want to be when 2020 arrives. I want to share 4 categories that helped me set measurable goals for 2019. These categories can be used if you are a vet in smashing goals or used as a guide for those new to goal setting.

4 Categories To Consider Using When Setting Your 2019 Goals

Career Goals

It is easy to just say this year I plan to serve more clients, or maybe snagg that employee of the year award. Maybe boldly pronouncing you will not be late more the X amount of times this year and shock the entire office with your overnight metamorphosis into this queen of punctuality! These are all great goals but if you dig deeper and think a little more critical you’ll find that those are more results then goals. When you think about career goals you want to think about the things that will make you absolutely invaluable to the company or business you are running …will this company feel the pressure of your absence or will it just be business as usual.

You must ask yourself, “where will I take this company this year”?  How many customers will I retain this year opposed to last year? Or, what will I do to impact new customers that ensure their return and most importantly tell everyone about your company. How are you going to generate those 10-15 new customers per month. What will you do to make sure those new customers stay customers with a refreshed customer retention system. Finally coming up with a referral system that may offer rewards or certain perks for incentive. With those kind of goals in place showing up to work on time and feeling rewarded at the end of the day are easier to achieve, business feels like a game now and it’s fun to see your progress on a daily basis!

Financial Goals

Even though it’s tough to have conversations about finances, I know you have personal goals to get more money this year to add to that bottom line you’ve been nurturing for sometime now. What does that actually look like for you? Are you going to pick up a second job for supplemental income or work more at your current job so you can have a little extra savings. You may be great at saving and working harder then the average man, but in reality you can’t work yourself to death nor can you save yourself to wealth. I was trying to do both with very little success and losing very valuable quality time with my family. In my search to find a better strategy I was introduced this year to Income shifting! The days of working hours on top of hours are long played out and in today’s world we need to incorporate more strategies to reach our financial goals.

Income shifting teaches you how to take the money you already make and use more of it for yourself. Maybe to help pay off debt and get your credit together while saving and investing more in yourself freeing up more of your time for the things that matter in life like your family.

Here are a few things you can do to help you accomplish those financial goals for 2019:

  1. Keep more of the money you earn from your job by making tax adjustments on your W4. (Click here to retrieve W4 form)
  2. Use that extra money to pay off debt through a method called the snowball effect.
  3. Review your credit report to see what may be hurting you and use a credit repair system to eliminate negative credit history
  4. Find an investment platform such as Acorn or Stash to invest and save at the same time.
  5. Join like minded individuals on a journey for financial freedom for full support, encouragement and accountability!

Health Goals

The myth is that in order to be healthy you have to have this nice chiseled body with the perfect abs and biceps. Yes that looks great and appealing to the naked eye when they see you on the beach or rocking that little tight black dress but doesn’t necessarily mean health. I too believed that this was the measure of health until I met holistic health coach Joslyn Hopkins. She debunked this myth by introducing me to what she calls functional nutrition. Health goes way beyond physical appearance and in fact that is the very last measure of how healthy you are.

Health is more of a lifestyle choice and goes beyond getting a new gym membership at the beginning of the year. When you focus on health goals, focus more on your everyday eating habits and make the investment in yourself over 24 Hour fitness! Check out Fit & Nu for your functional fitness and nutrition needs and start creating healthy habits today!

Social Goals

I think Drake brainwashed us even further in 2013 with his song “No New Friends” …I mean we already have a phobia of working with pigmented people, didn’t he hear Denzel “each one teach one”!


I for one need lots of new friends in 2019! I’m not sure about you? Friends are what make us successful, but maybe you’re always looking at friends as someone he is an ally or loyal to your cause but that’s not always the case. Sure we need those supporters that always pat us on the back and push us to keep moving forward …we all want that cheerleader, but what about those negative friends? There are those types of friends we need to help keep that fire burning in us as well, those friends are the:

  1. Doubters whose answer is always “that won’t work”
  2. Leeches that latch on when it is beneficial for them
  3. Critiques that think nothing is good enough
  4. Haters that want to do what you’re doing but don’t have the guts
  5. Always the victim never the victor
  6. Noise makers that just want hear themselves talk


These kind of friends keep a fire burning in you, help you build a stronger mindset if taken in small doses and serve as a reminder for why you are on the path that you are on and what you are trying to escape. Just remember people are valuable to your empire so keep them around continuing to find more people to come with you. Just remember to be a good steward of your energy trying not to focus to much on the negative people, but remember to thank them one day!

However or whatever it is you do to determine your goals for the upcoming year I sincerely wish you well and I will see you in 2019! Lets Grow Together!

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