What Is The Best Part Of Moving?

New, Clean and Fresh!

2019 is finally here! I call this the year of the dreamer, the visionary. The time for new beginnings and fresh starts for your career and your life. If its time for you to move you want to get the most out of your relocation. A new home, a clean apartment and a fresh start is right at the top of your priority list. A new house or apartment presents so many possibilities. Bare walls, an uncluttered space, and a bare canvas upon which to make yourself a home. But in order to get there, there are a few rules you must follow to make sure your transition is nice and smooth!

Here are my top 5 rules to follow when its moving time!

  1. Start planning your move 6 to 8 weeks before your actual move date.
  2. Get at least three moving quotes to compare price.
  3. Get actual moving boxes. Used boxes are cheap and convenient, but messy!
  4. Pack early and move through one room at a time.
  5. Set aside old items you want to get rid of and mark as donation. Out with the old in with new!
Bonus: Make and supply your movers with a map, marking where you want items to go in the new house!

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