Keep the Romance While Moving on Valentines Day

The day is finally here! You’re moving in together and things couldn’t have been more perfect. Your applications were cleared, credit was approved and deposits are in. The apartments you are moving into even have a list of preferred movers to eliminate your mover search. But with moving day there are always kinks in the plan. Its valentines day and also the only day available for move in. Don’t worry all is not lost, we have three surefire ways to keep the day romantic for you and your sweetheart this love day!

3 ways to keep the romance on moving day

Make each other breakfast

This kale breakfast skillet recipe is packed with flavor and ready in minutes! Made with kale, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and topped with eggs.

Remind each other that you don’t necessarily need to go out to have a romantic time with each other. Make each other breakfast. Make it a romantic thing, play some romantic music, and spend the first couple of hours before the move to vibe with one another. Moving is stressful and I’m sure you have a little bit of anxiety facing this new lifestyle since moving in together is a big deal. For me personally I love a fat breakfast burrito full of bacon, eggs, cheese and potatoes as for my wife she prefers to go healthy so I would probably whip up a delicious Kale breakfast skillet just for her.

Leave love notes in boxes while packing

We always recommend hiring professional packers but for this day we will make an exception. Make a few love deposits for your partner with personalized love notes in random boxes while you’re packing. I guarantee your sweetheart has all kinds of thoughts and fears running through their head. Give them a little reassurance with your surprise messages. My wife and I learned about love deposits in our couples class this is a great way to make sure you start out with a positive account balance in your love bank!

Take out dinner and a movie

Your moving day is finally complete. All the furniture is in place, boxes unpacked or correctly placed for future unpacking and the movers are long gone. Cap the day off with take out and a nice romantic comedy to chillax with your sweetheart. Understandably, after all that work cooking is not your first priority. But this is a perfect opportunity to bond, and spend a romantic evening with each other. What better way to begin your new life in your new home?

We all have to move at some point in our lives, and you don’t always necessarily have the option of choosing the exact date for your moving day. Sometimes, you forget or just get caught moving in the middle of important days. Valentine’s Day is approaching which you should spend with your significant other if possible. If it so happens that you’re moving on Valentine’s Day and you feel like it’s already gone to waste, don’t worry. With a bit of thought and creativity you can still make the most of it!

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