The 7 Income Streams – A Passive Approach to Becoming a Millionaire

What 7 Income Streams do Millionaires use to Gain Wealth?

When it comes to making money you have to be very innovative while thinking outside of the box. For some the art of making money comes naturally and for others earning riches come at a high price. Understanding where you form your mindset around the hustle allows you to make adjustments when necessary.

Somewhere in your history you adopted work ethic from a family member or mentor. The blueprint to your hustle is like a handme down shirt that has been on the backs of almost every male in your family tree. At some point someone will throw that shirt out! Why not you?

Make a Decision

Today we have this new thing called freedom of choice. I mean, it has only been around since the beginning of time! We are just more empowered now to use it. Many of us today are choosing to toss out that old holy shirt for a more personalized shirt with our very own stamp on it.

Expanding your hustle with your very own t-shirt business branding it with your personal touch is just one way many entrepreneurs are using to get their residuals up.

Seven Streams

“Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars, slaughtered her beasts, mixed her wine and set her table.”

Proverbs 9 : 1 – 6

Seven is a symbolic number which stands for infinity and fulfillment meaning completeness. These seven basic income streams should be used as the pillars to complete your millionaire house with active and passive income.

Your number one stream of income is your job. You have to have your bread and butter.

A new norm is to become an entrepreneur, fire your boss and make your own money but don’t get sucked into the hype and bite off more then you can chew. This is a slow and steady race so slow down and find out what works for you.

Once you nail down your active income that will fund the majority of your life, you can start building your wealth through passive income:

  • Earning interest on loans or company bonds
  • Taking dividends from stock investments
  • Selling investments for capital gains
  • Royalties from product sales
  • Rental income or real estate
  • Small business income

Discover Your Hustle

You have to throw out the blueprint of old! Long gone are the days where we work until we are 60 and retire with a great pension.

Of course becoming a millionaire is not an overnight process. With your innovation and great work ethic you’re going to have to implement a great financial strategy that will use both your active and passive income. I’m not sure what blueprint you were blessed or coursed with growing up but your daily hustle belongs to you and can be tweaked at any given moment. It is all about your mindset!

These are definitely not the only streams of income to help you and your family generate wealth. As Jay-Z so eloquently put it, “I got a million ways to get it, choose one!”

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