College Athletics – Full Time Job or Extracurricular Activity

Imagine working a full time job? Showing up everyday on time attending all the meetings and trainings, traveling when required, learning and performing at the highest level possible. Doing this on a promise of a 20 hour work week. Willing to go the extra mile to maintain the grind and hustle of a top performing sales exec!

You are not a top performing sales exec, you are a college athlete in the NCAA.

You show up to every weight lifting class, strength training session and practice. Traveling and staying on top of grades and the NCAA cuts a check to everyone involved except for you, who happens to be the main attraction!

Should There Be a Compensation Plan for College Athletes

Zion Williamson. An American college basketball player for the Duke Blue Devils of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

After potential number 1 draft pick Zion Williamsons avoids a freak accident that nearly blew his knee. The question should college athletes be compensated takes center stage once again. You would think by now that some sort of compensation plan would have been put into place by now. Considering the NCAA generates over $1 billion in revenue annually on the shoulders of college athletes.

“They are not employees”, says the NCAA. “They are student athletes there to receive an education first.”

said NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy

What people are missing is that college athletes have concerns outside of education.

Paul Pierce recalls struggling in college and borrowing $20 just to go to the movies.

Are College Athletes Ready for Financial Responsibility

The argument that many student athletes do not have the financial education to manage themselves with significant money raises questions to what kind of education our students are getting?

How does financial literacy play into the development of our college athletes? Do they graduate and simultaneously become financially literate?

What About the Role Players

Lets face the facts! You are offering these students a free education true. If we are being honest. How many of those students are top performing athletes with big money potential? The answer is very few, and believe me their education is the last thing on the agenda.

Lets not talk about the big names like Zion Williamson. Think about the role playing athletes. They are not always on a full ride scholarship and actually rely on their education? Severely racking up debt, spending countless hours on the road, training and studying often missing class for days at a time while away at games.

It is definitely a full time job that eats into their life and diminishes the quality of their education. I think there should be a serious conversation around the subject. Maybe a comp plan that works on tick time or a base amount for dressing for the game? Royalties for jersey sales and T.V. ad space. If we ever decide to compensate our student athletes. We as leaders need to ensure we are teaching the lessons that actually prepare them for financial independence.

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