Planning for a Long Distance Move

Traditionally when we get ready to move long distance we do one of two things. We rent a truck, load it up and hit the road. Or, you hire a moving company to get you from point a to point b. Though doing it your self can be less expensive. You don’t want to spend hours on the road driving and moving. Lets be honest! We don’t all have thousands of dollars lying around either to pay high cost of full service movers.

Top 3 Cost Effective Ways to Move Long Distance

Spring is here and things are warming up for moving season! With many of our callers seeking long distance moving help. We put together a small list of cost effective ways to move long distance.

We recommend a free in-home estimate from a moving coordinator to explore long distance options.
Move It Old School

Maybe you are more of a do it yourselfer’ so you don’t mind the grit that comes with moving. Driving cross country is not such a big deal. Just be sureyou don’t wear your self out for the big drive. Rent your truck and hire help for the heavy lifting. Most rental places charge a flat fee for one way rentals. The plus side to that is that they typically have a site with certified movers. You can hire help to load on one end and unload on the other.

Let Someone Else do the Driving

Freight companies like Abf U-Pack have 2 options for long distance moving. The ReloCube, a small container 305 cubic feet fits up to one room of furniture and a few boxes. Then you have their 28 ft. freight trailer that fits up to a 4 bedroom home. What we love about Abf Freight is the low and accurate estimates they give our clients along with prompt and timely service.

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Its Almost Like Drop Shipping

If you are looking for more flexibility and don’t want to be rushed to get all your moving done in one weekend. Shipping your household goods via moving containers like PODS allows you to move on your time. You can choose to keep your moving containers onsite to load at your pace or store at the facility for when you are ready to unload in the new location.

Moving long distance is a gritty job. But if you prepare and research your options, you can make the move successfully without pulling out your hair. As you deal with the technical aspects of the move, give yourself a break if you – or others in the family – get emotional. Starting a new life in a new place is never easy. A stress-free move is the first step to arriving at this new world. 

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