Careful Not to Ruin Your Couch on Moving Day

Tired of wondering why your movers are taking the extra time to wrap your couch? I mean its just your couch just throw it on the truck right?

We recently moved a customer who thought she had done everything to prepare for her move. She ordered her packing supplies online. Boxes, tape bubble wrap and packing paper. Broke down her bed and prepped her glass items for transport. Her moving truck from budget was reserved weeks ahead of time. She even hired movers straight from her mobile phone! Since she had prepared so perfectly for moving day, she was surprised to see us bust out the shrink wrap for the couch. Asking the question, “why do you wrap the couch?”

Why Do You Use Shrink Wrap On The Couch?

There are multiple uses for shrink wrap on moving day. Your movers number 1 goal is to have a safe move. Shrink wrap is our way of making sure your furniture stays safe during the move by adding an extra layer of protection. Wrapping furniture with drawers and doors keeps dresser drawers closed nd cabinet doors from swinging open.

It is also a good use for keeping furniture parts together. If you have to break down your dining room table for transport or wrapping up your bedrails.

Couches are special because they come with a variety of fabrics. While carrying them to the moving truck movers face a few obstacles. Going through doors couches rub up against door jams which can leave a permanent mark on leather couches. Coming down stairs fabric catches on stair rails and rip on corners. Once placed on the truck you want to make sure you keep couches clean and avoid transferring dirt and debris in to your new home as much as possible.

Most people do not think to wrap up the couch. Movers will always wrap your couch before moving it unless instructed otherwise. Why? Because we care about you and your furniture. The last thing you need to be stressed about is the big’ol rip across the back of your nice leather couch!

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