Don’t Be Left Frustrated When The Movers Leave!

I recently conducted a survey asking customers about a few of their grievances when they hire movers. Im sure you can imagine the list of complaints that came from this survey. The number one frustration people had about their movers is movers don’t always place things in the right place.

  • Boxes end up all in one room like the living room or garage or kitchen
  • Furniture is left in the wrong room like the master dresser in the guest bedroom

Now! Since we are all about solutions at Forward Motion. We can not just drop a problem without tossing in a remedy or two. If you are looking to hire movers in the near future save yourself from these frustration!

Properly label your boxes

If you are packing yourself don’t forget to add a sharpie when you order your moving boxes online. If it is kitchen items be sure to clearly write in big bold letters “kitchen” on the top of the box. If you have more than one bedroom write on boxes, bedroom #1, bedroom #2, etc…

Use the color system to match furniture to the correct room

Order you a pack of sticky notes. Make sure they are assorted colors so that you label each room with a different color sticky note. When moving day arrives match up your furniture to the room it goes in with the same color sticky note.

There you have it, a solution to your problem you didn’t even know you would have. If its your first time hiring movers you can use these tips or not up to you obviously. You can always stand at the door and bark out directions and search through every box as it enters the house.

Just remember. Most moving companies charge by the hour so taking the time to prep for your move is extremely important if you’re looking to save time and money on the back end.

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